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iDaily Diary 3.20

Keep a record of your daily movements

iDaily Diary is a great, free Windows program, being part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Diaries. View full description

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iDaily Diary is a great, free Windows program, being part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Diaries.

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It's available for users with the operating system Windows 98 and former versions, and you can download it in English. The current version of the program is 3.20 and was updated on 11/5/2006.

Since the program joined our selection of programs and apps in 2005, it has already reached 33,826 installations, and last week it had 68 installations.

About the download, iDaily Diary is a program that requires less storage space than the average program in the section Productivity software. It's a program very heavily used in many countries such as India, United States, and United Kingdom.


  • New: Add/Delete smileys (right click smileys to add/delete)
  • New: Change page background/paper (right click diary page and choose Properties)
  • New: Tab names can have defined text pre/appended to them to indicate content exists (Preferences - Tabs)
  • Impr: Dialog for viewing/exporting images changed
  • Impr: Bullets & Numbered bullets can be indented
  • Impr: Minor improvements to backup/restore routines
  • Impr: Page formatting speed increased
  • Impr: Improvements to RTF and HTML export
  • Impr: When printing can choose not to print background color/image
  • Impr: Improvements to inserting embedded files, copy and paste now supported
  • Impr: New languages, Polish and Hebrew
  • Fix: Intermittent 'Index out of bounds' while searching - error fixed.
  • Fix: 'Undo' sometimes not undoing last action
  • Fix: Error with spell checker adding words when custom dictionary not defined - fixed.
  • Fix: Intermittent print multiple copies ignored - fixed.
  • Fix: Changing fonts in multiple cells in tables not working - fixed.

iDailyDiary provides a simple interface that immediately allows you to take daily notes, create a journal, put your thoughts into writing and build up a record of exactly what you´ve been doing and when.

The iDailyDiary editor is "richtext" with the ability to insert graphics, URL's, Hypertext links and links to other diary pages. iDailyDiary is fully searchable so you can always track down those important dates and reminders.

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iDaily Diary


iDaily Diary 3.20

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  • Pufflet

    by Pufflet

    "Love it a lot"

    I LOVE iDaily Diary. Easy to use, easy to search and find entries. I am so sad that upon getting my new iMac today ...   More.